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FutureChina is an NGO organization hatched, established and ran by FutureChina Organization. It was officially licensed in 2017 in Chengdu, Sichuan. FutureChina is devoted to solve the inequality of educational resources in China, provide students in poverty with opportunities of quality education, and reduce poverty caused by lack of education.

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Starry Night was founded by students from four universities in Beijing, dedicating to popularizing and protecting the colorful but declining Chinese national cultural heritage in a funnier way. Currently, there are 17 people in the management team, over 50 people in the core operation team, and over 200 volunteers. In 2018, Starry Night joined the FutureChina organization and becomes an important part of it.


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Guests participated in APEC Youth Innovation Summit include the vice president of SCCPPCC, Zhao Zhenxi, vice mayor of Chengdu, Liu Xiaoliu, ABAC director, Antonio Basilio, former governor of CMB and president of ICI, Ma Weihua, president of APEC VOF, Noel Gould, CEO of APEC VOF, James Soh, CEO of Youth, Hao Xianghong, etc. There were 600 in total participants in the summit, including around 100 guests and 500 student delegates. The negotiation initiative by Johnathan Zhong facilitated the direct strategic cooperation with Chengdu government, with the activity budget at 15 million RMB directly supported and appropriated by the Chengdu government.

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Tsinghua University International Concerned Architects (ICA) Students Association is a student organization which aims to realize the full potential of design intervention. The association primarily concerns itself with the research, coordination, design, and actualization of projects which will improve the architectural and spatial quality of communities, thereby increasing living standards, and ultimately expressing the value in design.

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Board Member

Lijunren Zhong

President of FutureChina Organization

Yao Sun

Founder of Starry Night, Secretary General of FutureChina Organization

Lijunren Jonathan Zhong is the President of FutureChina NGO, Ambassador of The Youth Assembly, Vice President of APEC Voices of Future, and Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University. He is dedicated to providing opportunities for youth development. FutureChina NGO’s program includes broadcasting classes based on the satellite signal, bringing underprivileged students to APEC and UN, project-based learning training camp, one-on-one tutor etc. FutureChina NGO’s efforts have been reported by China’s national media such as Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and China.com, and its educational resources now can cover 80,000 students in southwestern China. Jonathan also drafted the 2017 APEC Youth Declaration and selected FutureChina Delegation of The Youth Assembly 2018 at the United Nations. Meanwhile, many of his policy advice on education was accepted by Chinese provincial and municipal Governments.
Founder/Director of Starry Night Chinese Ethnic Cultures Think Tank Bachelor of Education, Beijing Normal University (National Scholarship) 1+1 MBA (Master of Science in Education + Master of Business Administration), University of Oxford (Routledge Scholarship)
2015 Leader of China team in Global Vision Educators Training Project
2016 Participated in major national social science research projects and published eight academic articles/book chapters at home and abroad
2016 Gold Medal Winner (ranking 1st among 348 prize winners) in Capital Competition of Social Entrepreneurship (Team Leader)
2016 Project Leader in National College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program
2017 Trainee of Oxford Global Leadership Initiative

Our Counselors

Min Zhao

Famous Entrepreneur, President of ADFAITH, China's largest consulting firm

Mingyuan Gu

Famous educator, Honorary president of The Chinese Society of Education, Co-Chair of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies

Lianqiang Ji

Famous Entrepreneur, President of Airmedia, NASDAQ listing


Organization Partners

The People's Government of Sichuan Province


APEC Voices of Future

The People's Government of Chengdu City

Jizhunfangzhong Architectural Design Associates

New Century Fund of Tsinghua

China Soong Ching Ling Foundation

APEC Business Advisory Council

Jack Ma Foundation

Tencent Foundation

Teach for China

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations

Sichuan Red Cross Society

Suning Charity

APEC China Business Council

Sichuan Students’ Federation

Chengdu Next Generation Foundation

Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference

Global Innovator Conference

Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference

All-China Students' Federation

Sichuan Youth Federation

China International Chamber of Commerce

Media Partners



Xinhua Net

People's Daily

China Youth


Sichuan TV

Associated Press