About us


About Us

FutureChina Organization is a social organization that devotes to promote youth NGO development and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (especially article 1 no poverty, article 4 quality education, article 10 reduced inequalities). At present, the 4 NGOs under the organization are FutureChina, Starry Night, Sri Lanka Orphan School and APEC Asia-Pacific Youth Innovation Forum Organizing Committee. They are respectively devoted to educational poverty alleviation, minority cultural preservation, international educational support, and youth development, and each has made outstanding efforts in their own field.

Our Vision

Play the leading role of exerting the strength of youth; to narrow the intergenerational gap and realize United Nations sustainable development goals worldwide.

Our Mission

We work to promote youth development and educational resources regionally equality by incubating and cultivating social organizations with the strength of youth.

Team Member

Lijunren Zhong

President of FutureChina Organization

Kuai Yu

Secretary-general of FutureChina NGO

Weiyang Kang

Supervisor of Future China. Mentor of the 1st teenager camp of Future China. Director of the 3rd teenager camp of Future China

Qiting Chen

Finance Minister of FutureChina

Xiaohan Yang

Minister of Public Relations of FutureChina

Zongyuan Yang

CMO of FutureChina,the tutor of the training camp in winter,2018.

Chenxiao Zhu

Technology Minister of FutureChina

Yayue Zhou

General Management Minister of FutureChina

Yitian Zeng

Project Minister of FutureChina

Fan Feng

Technology Department Member of FutureChina, the tutor of the training camp.

Qian Li

Deputy Finance Minister of FutureChina, the tutor of the training camp.

Zhengwuwen Zhang

The media officer of FutureChina NGO,the supervisor of public welfare training camp.