Targeted Class Project

Targeted Class Project


Future China is a non-profit organization founded and led by college students of diverse backgrounds. By promoting Targeted Class Project at disadvantaged areas, we aim to take specific measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty, and resolve the unbalanced distribution of educational resources. We also aspire to exploring possible collaborations between non-profit organizations and social capitals.

Targeted Classes are live open online courses conducted by excellent high schools in South-West China and broadcasted to counterpart classes of disadvantaged areas. We aim to break the regional differences and unbalance brought by family upbringing, providing students with educational resources of excellent quality.


The Structure of Targeted Class Project


Overall structures: The three parties that collaborate are Future China, Chengdu No. 7 High School (online) and targeted schools.


For Chengdu No. 7 High School (Online) Future China is able to:

  • provide financial support;
  • admit students in Targeted Classes to the Scholarship and Financial Aid and One-to-One Support Project”, and pay special attention to the targeted students;
  • pair Targeted Classes with college student volunteers and mentors; offer targeted students with top university level resources, and broaden their horizons and views; help students learn efficiently, establish their life goals and enhance their overall abilities; promote “One-to-One Support Project” within the Targeted Class; provide advising service for college preparation and admission, helping them to overcome their drawbacks;
  • Provide new opportunities and resources for No. 7 High School (Online) to branch new online schools;
  • Provide online speeches to the targeted classes and the online schools; invite outstanding experts in various areas and accomplished youth to share their experiences and give advice, and use the online school as a platform for them to interact and network. Examples include but are not limited to themed speeches like environment protection, sex education and other topics that are not commonly touched in those areas;
  • Organize and manage the resources on the online school platform; bring the resources from top tier institutions, domestic and international nonprofit organizations and so on to students, enhancing their overall abilities.


For the targeted local schools, Future China is able to:

  • Provide all sources within our abilities for free, including all financial aids, scholarships and one-to-one support project, etc;
  • Help to attract students from surrounding areas and enhance the overall quality of student body.


Future China wishes to have the following rights from Chengdu No. 7 High School (Online) and local targeted schools:

  • Same resources, service and infrastructures for nonprofit targeted classes as in other existing online schools funded by Future China;
  • Places, facilities and teachers for targeted classes in local schools;
  • Naming rights of classes. Naming rights are sold to attract corporations and entities to support nonprofit targeted classes financially. Examples are the “Maotai Class” and “Baosteel Class” in Yanyuan High School. Specific details will be discussed;
  • Decision-making in prospective student admission process should be carefully and thoroughly discussed with Future China.


Summary: Future China, Chengdu No. 7 High School and local schools will sign a Tripartite agreement for the Targeted Class Project. Future China will further sign an agreement with benefactors, to address related details such as means of financial support and naming rights.