The Financial Regulations of FutureChina


The Financial Regulations of FutureChina


-General Principle-

I. The main goal of FutureChina’s financial management is to well arrange the economic actions through managing and utilizing the funds. The management includes those contents that follow: establishing the management system of monetary funds, e-bank U shield and bills; checking incomes resources, lowering expenses, and effectives using the funds; consolidating the business accounting and improving the efficiency of fund using; maintaining the organization’s property and maximizing the utility of the funds and materials; performing the financial analysis, participating in the financial decision, regulating the financial information announcement and promoting the construction of the organization.

II. The financial management of FutureChina includes those contents that follow: financial management regulations, monetary fund management, e-bank U shield, bill management, budget management, income management, expense management, material management, property management, financial analysis and supervision, financial accounting, financial hand-over, financial information announcement, financial file management.

III. The financial management is a significant part of the FutureChina’s management. FutureChina shall perform the financial management solidly according to the regulations.

IV.FutureChina’s financial management is principally under unified leadership and allocated to specialized departments. Under the leadership of the council, all financial actions is under the management of the financial department.

The specific regulations are as follows.

-The System of Financial Regulations-

-The Regulation of Cash-

-The Regulation of U aegis and receipts-

-The Regulation of Budget-

-The Regulation of Revenue-

-The Regulation of Payment-

-The Regulation of Cost-

-The Regulation of Material Management-

-The Regulation of Annual Financial Report-

-The Regulation of Financial Handover-

-The Regulation of Disclosure of Accounting Information-

-The Regulation of Accounting Records-



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