FutureChina NGO


FutureChina is an NGO organization hatched, established and ran by FutureChina Organization. It was officially licensed in 2017 in Chengdu, Sichuan. FutureChina is devoted to solve the inequality of educational resources in China, provide students in poverty with opportunities of quality education, and reduce poverty caused by lack of education.


Up to now, the endeavors of FutureChina in the field of educational resources equality development has been reported and reposted by Xinhua Net, People’s Network, CNR, China.com and other national authoritative media, as well as Youth Daily, China Public Welfare Report and front cover of Fudan University.


The core project of FutureChina creates a comprehensive system from two aspects: in-class and extracurricular, including FutureChina online educational “non-profit class”, “FutureChina” developmental camp, one-to-one counseling plan, FutureChina has helped nearly a hundred students in-depth, established an educational ecosystem including 3000 student families, and its public educational resources radiate 80,000 students in the southwestern area of China.

In the meantime, FutureChina also contributes to the calling of the development concept of equal distribution of educational resources. The representative of FutureChina has attended CONGO, The Youth Assembly at United Nations, co-drafted “APEC Youth Declaration”, and was invited to give a themed speech at Horasis China Meeting. The educational department of Sichuan province affirms FutureChina as an organization of educational poverty alleviation and youth social organizing model worth expanding to the entire country.

Non-Profit Class

The online live “non-profit class” FutureChina has set for non-developed regions is an effort in solving inequalities caused by regional limitations and family income differences. We cooperate with the top 1 ranking middle school in Sichuan province, Chengdu No.7 High School, and give lessons through internet live videos as well as local teacher tutoring. We take underprivileged students and waive all their educational fees. Meanwhile, we also provide unified training for the local teachers and bring out the maximized result in both online and offline tutoring.

FutureChina “non-profit class” has already been implemented at Yanbian Middle School. Yanbian is located at the southwestern corner of China and is the key county of province-level poverty alleviation; poverty occupies half of the population of in the city of Panzhihua. “Non-profit class” has officially started in September 2018 and its establishment has provided students in Yanbian with the opportunity of receiving direct education from the best high school in China. To date, three students have been sent to the top 1 ranking high school in Sichuan province, Chengdu No.7, for a two-week exchange program.

Non-profit Developmental Camp


Open their eyes

FutureChina provides students from impoverished regions with opportunities to interact with students from renowned universities and elites in professions, and get to know the world’s developmental trend in future, as well as seeking their own future career plans.

The developmental camp lasted for one week and was led by the counseling plan. All of the counselors were outstanding students selected from top universities and each professional field, including top 1 scorer in Chinese College Entrance Exam in Sichuan province. Under the guidance of the counselors, the campers explored fields of natural sciences, medicine, humanities, and social sciences, arts, and fulfilled the assigned tasks. The tasks needed to be accomplished by the campers individually with the instructions from the counselors, for example, the natural sciences group focused on exploring environmental-friendly water purification compounds, social sciences group emphasized sexual differences and other traditional concepts, etc.


Social leaders’ help

Moreover, the developmental camp also included lectures from social leaders in various fields, including the youngest professor and Ph.D. supervisor in China. They taught the students about career planning and analyzing; career direction introduction; as well as arranging them to step out of school to visit high-tech zones, scientific research institutions, museums, etc.


Go for bright future

So far, more than 100 students have graduated from the developmental camps and many of them have entered well-known universities. Some of them held small-scaled camps after they went back to their hometowns and passed down the flag of educational poverty alleviation.


Show on another stage

Four of the outstanding campers even stepped onto the stage of United Nations following the lead of FutureChina and spoke for Chinese youths at the Youth Assembly held in New York in August 2018.

Online Lectures


FutureChina organizes outstanding university students to hold lectures by means of online audio and live text broadcast, with an aim of imparting study and living experience to students in educationally underdeveloped areas, helping them expand their visions, find suitable learning strategies, and make appropriate life planning.FutureChina online lectures are public lectures organized by the FutureChina organization, aiming to invite outstanding university students to offer senior high school students learning methods and strategies, the way of mindset adjustment in the face of college entrance examination, guidance in choosing one’s major, introduction to university life, and so on.


The lectures gained high popularity soon after the information about them was released. Up till now, over 20 thousand people have listened to our lectures. The following are the basic information of some of the lecturers.

Weiyang Kang

Co-founder and chairman of the board of supervisors of FutureChina Currently a student of Peking University, majoring in philosophy. Achieving freshman scholarship, May 4th scholarship, Liao Kaiyuan scholarship, Merit scholarship and the title of merit student in the university. Having been recommended for Master of Foreign Philosophy of Peking University.

Fan Feng

Got enrolled in the College of Chemistry & Molecular Engineering, Peking University in 2014, majoring in chemistry; scoring the highest of the science track in the college entrance examination of Sichuan province in 2014. Achieving the freshman scholarship, Mingde scholarship, Pioneer first-class scholarship in Peking University. Currently a member of design laboratory of the center for quantitative biology of Peking University.

Wantong Tu

Born in 1999, Sichuan Province, currently a sophomore in Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; an alumna of Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School, getting the highest score of liberal arts track during the college entrance examination of Sichuan Province in 2017.

Book Publishing


Charity Book Here We Set Off aims to help youngsters cultivate confidence and obtain courage from outstanding alumni of Chengdu 7th High School.
In writing this book, we have contacted more than 100 alumni and formed a publishing committee of 20 people who are in charge of inner and outer communication, coordination and labor division.
With more than 7000 copies sold in only 3 months, the book received high appreciation from citizens, ranking No. 77 on Sina Weibo “Most Popular Book Rankings” in December 2016. It was selected as a special gift for the 110th anniversary of Chengdu 7th High School as well.

The book was selected in the “China Book International Program,” which is sponsored by the Central Propaganda Department as well as the National Press and Publication of SARFT in China.