Jonathan Zhong’s Speech at the Youth Assembly at the United Nations

The 20th session of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations

Power Differentials: How to Reach the Most Vulnerable


Conference Room 11,UN Headquarters

Led by BRAC


(Jonathan Zhong’s speech)

Distinguished Representatives:

I’m glad that we mentioned the topic about what factor causes poverty. I’m Jonathan Zhong, and I’d like to add to Martin’s opinions.

I’m a founder and leader of an educational NGO in China, and I’d like to share some experiences from the front line to balance the educational resources and eliminate poverty. I want to say that poverty resulted from lots of reasons, but education is the key problem. There is a research in China illustrates that if farmers get higher education, their income will raise too. Education is the key to alleviate poverty from origin, and is the direct way to cut the poverty transmission between generations.

Our NGO is working on this issue, and we designed series of projects to balance educational resources and alleviate poverty, like providing online educational resources and creating “charity class” for poor students in remote areas, and we now can influence 80,000 online or offline students. I do think this is an effective way to solve the poverty problem caused by education, and we really have to value the importance of education.

Thank you!

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