Starry Night

Starry Night

General Information

Starry Night was founded by students from four universities in Beijing, dedicating to popularizing and protecting the colorful but declining Chinese national cultural heritage in a funnier way. Currently, there are 17 people in the management team, over 50 people in the core operation team, and over 200 volunteers. In 2018, Starry Night joined the FutureChina organization and becomes an important part of it.

Field Research & Cultural Experience

Starry Night selects and supports Chinese university students to go to minority regions within old revolutionary base areas, areas with concentrations of ethnic minorities, border areas, and areas with relatively high incidences of poverty to conduct national cultural field research. The fruit of the national cultural field research (e.g. research results of folk festivals, languages, manual skills) will be transformed into resources for media materials, the construction of study or travel bases, and multicultural courses “Gaining an Insight into Various Minorities”.

Based on the investigation and research, Starry Night provides teenagers (mainly targeting middle school and primary schools students) with offline courses with accommodation to experience the daily life and culture of ethnic minorities. Such research, study, and travel programs are designed according to local conditions, adopting the form of group study and group work to promote teenagers’ sense of responsibility and knowledge in inheriting the national culture.

The Spread of
National Culture


products designed by

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Starry Night designs and gives the cultural selective course / STEAM courses at the middle and primary school level. It also develops relative teaching resource bundles and offers customized services on developing school-based curriculum on national culture and designing cultural week. At the same time, Starry Night develops national culture workshop for Chinese who study abroad. Now the workshops have been holding in universities abroad in a standardized way. Besides, Starry Night cooperates with China Academy of Art to design and develop courses instruments, which have already been used in courses and workshops, making the courses more culturally unique.

Starry Night helps many national artisans who dedicate themselves to the national culture, opening tourist shops for them to help them develop markets and improve living standards; we design the instruments used in the national culture courses and creative workshops and put them into the educational shops. We also reworked the national elements collected from research into culturally creative products and set up cultural creative shops, making cultural creation more youthful.

Social Recognition for Starry Night

Together with Tsinghua lifetime study lab, Tsinghua Academy of Arts & Design, Starry Night co-designed intangible cultural heritage courses.

Cooperated with UNESCO ICH Office, Starry Night offered Chinese Ancient Construction courses in Beijing No. 4 High School.

Founder of Starry Night, Sun Xiao, and director of PR department, Wang Yuchen gave speeches respectively in the graduation ceremony and opening ceremony of BNU and publicized Starry Night Organization.

Cooperated with NIES and designed Inner Mongolia Arxan specialized Steam courses.

On Sep 9 Commonweal Day, together with Oxford, Harvard, Sandford, Cambridge, etc, Starry Night launched gloves donation activities for Qinghai poor students.

Starry Night co-organized and was invited to the forum “Dialogue: the exploration for Internet + and New Mode for Commonwealth by Commonwealth Enthusiast” organized by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Teacher Chang Foundation, which was reported by CCTV

Starry Night’s Summer Research Project was published by Art in China and reported by Youth

Starry Night’s teaching design has been selected by “Zhejiang Daily-Alibaba Geek Plan” and received financial support

Attained gold medals for multiple times in Chuangqingchun China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition Commonwealth Group